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im so bad ass

hello everyone in this community, for all of you who dont know me , i am lee, yes yes ladies the same lee you are thinking of, i was shocked and amazed to find this community on the fact that i am a member of this "la music scene" you speak so highly of, and more shocked and amzed to ficd out that you knew that and had posted it in your info, see i am in a singer in a band called autumn in may, actually we are now called on deck for tradgedy, we changed the name due to the fact that we picked up so new musicians and thought that it would be appropriate, so if anyone wonders, all teh stuff about autumn in may you here, thats me, but thats not our name,
we are as follows
lee- voice
pj- guitar and voice
rivers- bass
max- guitar
quinton- drums

WE HAVE A SHOW ON AUGUST 14 WITH DUTCH OVEN< BNI< AND ARTICLE 11, at main street in braux bridge, come out anfd support your local music scene
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