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Open Frequency Monthly Live Music/Art Expo Laff/LA [17 Sep 2009|06:21pm]

ACFM 700 Lee & Main Downtown Lafayette
Premiere: Sept 26th 2009 6pm-11pm
FREE Admission to the Public

Sept 26th 2009 ---2 band slots and many free Vendor/Artists spaces still open

Oct 24th 2009 ---6 band slots open/ Vendors and artists needed

Nov 21st 2009 ---6 band slots open/ Vendors and artists needed

Dec 19th 2009 ---6 band slots open/ Vendors and Artists needed

2010 booking starts Early November, stay tuned


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Lightnin Woodcock show at Artmosphere [06 Jun 2009|02:48pm]

Lightnin Woodcock *rockabilly type stuff* show in Lafayette at Artmosphere on the 7th.
info on the show
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Performance with Steven Leyba in NOLA,11/18 [05 Nov 2008|01:10pm]

I'll be performing with fellow artist and author Rev Steven Leyba www.stevenleyba.com in NOLA.The event is Nov 18th Doors open 8pm...Showtime 9:30pm.
It will be held at The Big Top Art Gallery located at 1638 Clio Street, New Orleans, LA, 70130.
The admission is going to be $5
The event is hosted by Khristina
Ugly Art Dolls
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Art Grinder Sept Event in Lafayette [29 Aug 2007|01:12pm]

Myself and my friend Megan will be sharing a booth at this event.
The myspace for the event www.myspace.com/lafayetteartsexpo
GRINDER: Creative Arts Expo

Saturday September 8 starting at 8pm - till at GRANT STREET DANCEHALL.

GRINDER: Creative Arts Expo Saturday September 8 starting at 8pm - till at GRANT STREET DANCEHALL. Join us for a highly unique visual arts experience featuring: comics · jewelry · paintings · fashion · films · poetry · zines · animation · prints · t-shirts · posters · music · photography · drawings · fiction · sculpture · illustration · design · etc.

Stick around for the Live Art Show and watch talented artists create original art live on stage right before your eyes.

Also joining GRINDER: Creative Arts Expo will be the 54321 (24 Hour Musical Composition) and the Burlesques Troop following the event. The DJ for the LIVE ART event: DJ Rüs ! Doors open at 8pm! The live art will begin at 8:30pm. We'll be doing a large jam piece mural as our finale starting at Midnight! Vendors will be displaying goods throughout the night.
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[02 Nov 2004|08:27pm]

I'm posting here about a show on the 6th. View of a Burning City, The Frames of Reference, and Pharmicist Always on Duty. It's at Bisbanos in Lafayette and admissions like $5.
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[11 Sep 2004|05:50pm]

Dutch Oven will be playing at the Article 11 c.d. release party at the Kaplan recreational center on September 25th. The show will start at 1 P.M. and go until 7 P.M. Admission is $3. There will be free stuff and a chance to win a guitar. All of the bands playing are: Odd Arnie, Revenge of DFT, Dutch Oven, Hope for the Best, and Article 11.

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You should listen [31 Aug 2004|12:31pm]


Cops on Acid is a band from Monroe. They play melodic rock/grunge heavy with fuzz.

Josh Barnes: Guitar/Vocals
Billy Belsom: Bass
John Barnes: Drums

Check Them Out Here:
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[23 Aug 2004|09:28pm]

mkay...i forgot to post the pics from the show. all of these pics are from aug. 21 at toys. dutch oven, and batteries not included.

crash and burnCollapse )

</b> there ya go!
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[23 Aug 2004|07:59pm]

[ mood | sick ]

hey guys. i juss wanted to comment on the show saturday night. i though it was way awesome. even though mike was nervous. and jeff unplugged grants guitar a few times. i still thought it was awesome!!! juss wanted to say good job guys!


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everyone come!! [14 Aug 2004|02:16am]


august 28th

Paris in Peril
Passenger of a Backseat Driver and
Stands for Nothing
@ Opelousas Little Theatre, 7pm, $5
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[10 Aug 2004|05:31pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Ok hey, some of you know me. For those that don't, I'm Eli Braud. I'm the lead guitarist for On Deck For Tragedy. I figured it only made since to join for obvious reasons.

Everyone knows about the gig but it couldn't hurt to post again. Dutch Oven, Article 11, On Deck For Tragedy on Saturday August 14th at Main street in Breaux Bridge. YAY!!!!

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[08 Aug 2004|06:00pm]

[ mood | happy ]


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im so bad ass [05 Aug 2004|10:06am]

hello everyone in this community, for all of you who dont know me , i am lee, yes yes ladies the same lee you are thinking of, i was shocked and amazed to find this community on the fact that i am a member of this "la music scene" you speak so highly of, and more shocked and amzed to ficd out that you knew that and had posted it in your info, see i am in a singer in a band called autumn in may, actually we are now called on deck for tradgedy, we changed the name due to the fact that we picked up so new musicians and thought that it would be appropriate, so if anyone wonders, all teh stuff about autumn in may you here, thats me, but thats not our name,
we are as follows
lee- voice
pj- guitar and voice
rivers- bass
max- guitar
quinton- drums

WE HAVE A SHOW ON AUGUST 14 WITH DUTCH OVEN< BNI< AND ARTICLE 11, at main street in braux bridge, come out anfd support your local music scene
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Dutch Oven has arrived [01 Aug 2004|08:20pm]


To everyone in this community I would like to say "Hey." If you aren't in the community you should join. I am in the band Dutch Oven. You should come support local music and come see my band at:

August 14th- Main Street (Breaux Bridge) with Article 11, Batteries Not Included and Autumn in May

August 21st - Toys with Batteries Not Included and Stands for Nothing

August 27th - Cite des Arts with who knows?

Thanks for your time and comment if you like my band or will attend any of the shows.

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[01 Aug 2004|12:54am]

argh. so. this is brandon's lj name,
but i got on it, and i added it.
hahaha, cuz i'm cool :)
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Background. [31 Jul 2004|08:32pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I still need the background for this place..The place I've requested it at still hasn't made it for me...-sigh-. :(

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im here! [31 Jul 2004|02:41am]

TABI!! I JOINED!! ...now what?? um...yeah..bye

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